What Are The Limitations Of The Screw Pile Foundation?

The screw pile foundation without a doubt is the modern solution to the many foundation problems and have given a different perspective to the engineers but you must know that every emerging technology no matter how effective and useful it is, always have some limitations. Some of these limitations are mentioned below:

The conditions of the soil are limited:

The most important parameter in the installation of the screw pile foundation is the soil. The texture and the quality of the soil determines the quality as well as strength and support of the screw pile foundation. The soil which is grainier and the pitch of the screws in the screw pile is more than the size of the grain is not suitable for the screw piles installation. This indicates that the ground which has cobble and gravel are not meant for this kind of the foundation and neither the stone ground is good for this. There may be some type of the screw pile foundation that could be installed in the stone ground but it is not recommended.

There are limitations to the equipment:

The equipment which are used in the installation of the screw piles are less in number but these must be in accordance with the soil since these are used to determine the weight capacity of the screw piles at the time of the installation. The more torque is built by the hydraulic torque equipment, the more load the screw pile foundation could carry. Therefore, it is important that you get the machine which has the ability to produce this much torque and this must be in accordance with the weight that the structure will bear. To gain more details about this screw pile foundation you can check this website for the information.

Structure limits the screw pile foundation:

The screw piles manufacturer add the torque rating parameter to the screw piles. This parameter actually determines that how much torque does the screw pile can bear. This means that there is only certain capacity in all of the screw piles and it must be kept in mind at the time of the installation that this capacity is not exceeded because then it will damage the structure of the screw pile. Therefore, when there are such foundations which need to bear much more load than the torque rating of the screw pile then the different kind of the screw pile is used so that it matches with the structure requirement.

These were some of the limitation which limit the use of the screw pile in some foundation but in spite of these, the foundation is used in many projects because most of the time these limitations are not reached.