Some More Shutters By Mal Glanville

Apart from roller shutters and PVC shutters, Mal Glanville also has shutters made from basswood plantation. For all those who want their windows to reflect that old school kind of wood feel, this is the shutter for them. It would be an ideal choice even for those who want to give a traditional touch to their homes as on appearance this feels like a wood work. Along with adding to the aesthetic factor of your home, these shutters are also known for their functionality, they are designed in such a manner that you can decide how much light you want to let in and when you need to completely black out to enjoy those moments of privacy with your partner away from the sight of outsiders. Basswood shutters are available in numerous colors and types of wood finishes and you can coordinate these with your already existing interior. In case you do not have a regular size or shape of window, you need not to stress as the experts at Mal Glanville will make a shutter for you that would perfectly fit your window. These shutters are without a doubt the best solution if you have sliding doors as they come with a head board and tracking device.

The high quality timbers from which they are made protect them against any negative side effects of exposure to U.V. rays. The sizes these are usually available in are between sixty-three millimeters to hundred and fourteen millimeters.  All customers have a choice while they are purchasing if they want to color these shutters in regular colors or want the original wood color as it is. Basswood shutters are easy to operate:  you can fold them, fix them or even hinge them. The tilt rod is visible and can also be hidden, depending upon how you want it to be. These shutters can be fitted in numerous types of window frames, even in louvers. In case there is still something that you want to know about basswood shutters, you can contact the team at Mal Glanville and arrange for a free of cost consultation session with their team. To gain more ideas about this shutter you can see this page for such reliable information.

Apart from shutters, Mal Glanville also has many types of blinds for your windows; one out of them is the roller blind. These are definitely the product you must have as it is beneficial both in terms of its functionality and also its cost. No matter what the interior style of your home is, these blinds do give it a sleek look, and especially the collection at Mal Glanville is such that you will definitely find a roller blind in Newcastle that would perfectly blend in the color scheme at your home. Irrespective of the fact that you live in an apartment or a rented property or a home that you own, these blinds are not that expensive, are easy to install, hence you can take them along with you if you are shifting as you surely need them for your windows.